Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sample Letter Of Not Renewing Work Contract

months motto March ...

... more energy to come to the plate! My body will regulate itself again and it should tumble a few calories.
Yes, yes, the winter is over and thus an end to the increased calorie intake of food.
addition, the dates for some time and I no longer suffer from lack of light. How could they, if I ever to run the pudding! Hugo and I have already a few miles on the odometer and the walks are reducing some stress!

My twins are now 9 years old and is celebrated even in June! But Psssst:
a colorful birthday table with cake and a lot of fuss, I have secretly been prepared ;-) ...

This is a tradition at "P"!

What is your motto for this month ? Show it on the blog and / or flickr and sign up in the list a ....


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